Voter turnout was 764 (9.3% of valid electors). A more detailed version unofficial results (including vote tabulations) can be found here.


CSU President & Vice-Presidents


Emily Bridge (ELECTED)

Vice-President Equity & Sustainability

Jaspreet Kaur

Shanti Scarpetta-Lee (ELECTED)

Vice-President External

Grace Dupasquier (ELECTED)

Vice-President Finance & Services

Gurleen Kaur (ELECTED)
Bridget Stringer-Holden

Vice-President Student Affairs

Arshia Amini
Marco Dixon
Alea Rzeplinski
Hartaj Wadhwa (ELECTED)

CSU Collective Liaisons & Coordinators

Students of Colour Liaison

Feven Kidane (ELECTED)

International Students Liaison

Abhijeet (Abhi) Deswal (ELECTED)
Andrej Stanojlovic

Mature & Parents Students Liaison

Mayumi Izumi (ELECTED)

Women Students Liaison

Maia Lomelino (ELECTED)

CSU Faculty, Campus, and At-Large Representatives

Arts & Science Representative

Theodore Abbott
Gurkirat (Kirat) Singh (ELECTED)
Erik Wendland

Business & Professional Studies Representative

Neerarshdeep Kaur (ELECTED)

Education, Health, & Human Development

Wen Zhai (ELECTED)

Sunshine Coast Campus Representative

Brigid Mychael (ELECTED)

At-Large Representative

Trevor Morten (ELECTED)

Capilano Business & Professional Society

CBPS President

Jimena Camarena
Rishav Aujla (ELECTED)

Clarification on vote tabulation for CBPS president election.

Capilano Finance Association President

Luis Rodriguez (ELECTED)

Capilano International Business Association President

Abraham Jauli (ELECTED)

Capilano Legal Association President

Marian Chadegani (ELECTED)

Capilano University Marketing Association President

Terrence Alanis (ELECTED)