Arts & Science Faculty Representative

Alea Rzeplinski
Candidate statement: Hello Arts and Science students, my name is Alea Rzeplinski. Currently, I am a LiberalStudies/Psychology student. I’m running for the position of Arts and Science faculty representative. If elected, I would work to address the loopholes that students are navigating through and make sure they are brought forward and acknowledged. I promise to advocate for students and have student input represented in an efficient and accurate manner. Overall, I will try my best to working alongside my fellow students from an intersectional approach to ensure any concern or suggestion is brought forth to the applicable person and department.

Students of Colour Liaison

Nirmal Raj
No statement submitted.

Women Students Liaison

Thorpe, Makenzie
Candidate statement: Hello! I will be running for the position of Student Women’s Liaison for the 2018 By-Election at Capilano University. I have passions for human equality, sharing opportunity and am interested in a potential future career of bringing education to women. I am running for Women Student Liaison because I believe there is room for improvement within our post secondary education that should be more accessible and geared towards self identifying women. I would like to implement a network of support and safe spaces for women on campus, as well as host workshops on empowerment, self love and defence.