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Who is covered?

Most full-time students (enrolled in nine or more credits) attending Capilano University in the Fall semester are automatically enrolled in the health and dental plan. Part-time students and full-time students starting in subsequent semesters have the option to opt in (self-enroll) during the change-of-coverage period in their first semester. This includes students at all three campuses, online students, and students taking courses at off-campus locations.

For more detailed information, to enroll, or opt out, visit Studentcare or call 604-924-6446.

Coverage Highlights

Health Coverage

Includes 80% coverage for prescription drugs, 100% for vaccinations (up to $150), 100% coverage for psychologists (up to $900 per year), and more.

Dental Coverage

Offers an annual maximum of $700, with 80% coverage for preventive services and 10% for major restorative procedures, and more.

Vision Coverage

Provides $125 every 24 months for eyeglasses/contact lenses and up to $50 for an eye exam, and more.

Travel Coverage

Offers 120 days of travel health coverage, $5,000,000 per lifetime for medical incidents, and up to $3,000 for trip cancellation.

Mental Health & Wellness

$900 covered at 100% to see a mental health practitioner (easily find one through
Studentcare’s network), access to Empower Me, a 24/7 student assistance program for mental health support, and more

How to Claim