Internal Policies

Policy No. Policy Name Related Procedures or Campaign
Board of Directors
BD-01 Board Ethics and Conduct Policy Board Ethics and Conduct Complaints Procedures
BD-02 Conflict of Interest Policy
BD-03 Executive Reporting Policy
BD-04 Board Committees Policy Terms of Reference: Governance Committee
Terms of Reference: Collectives Committee
Terms of Reference: Finance & Audit Committee
Terms of Reference: Campaigns & Advocacy Committee
Terms of Reference: Student Engagement Committee
BD-05 Student Associations Policy
BD-06 Election Policy
Election Policy (effective June 1, 2023)
Election Procedures
Election Procedures (effective June 1, 2023)
BD-07 University Committees Policy
BD-08 Advocacy and Activism Policy
BD-09 External Memberships Policy
BD-10 Board Meetings Policy Board Meetings Procedures
Board Attendance Procedures
BD-12 Communications with Host Nations Policy
Human Resources
HR-08 Standard of Conduct Policy
HR-09 Appropriate Use Policy
HR-11 Gender Diversity Policy
HR-12 Sexual Violence Policy
Health and Safety
HR-01 Health and Safety Policy Health and Safety Procedures
Safe Work Procedures
HR-02 Violence-free Workplace Policy Violence-free Workplace Procedures
HR-03 Harassment-free Workplace Policy Harassment-free Workplace Procedures
HR-06 Impairment in the Workplace Policy
HR-07 Psychological Health in the Workplace Policy
HR-10 Scent-reduced Office Policy
Labour Relations
HR-04 Labour Relations Policy
HR-05 Living Wage Policy Students for a Living Wage
OP-01 Ethical Purchasing Policy
OP-02 Responsible Investing Policy
OP-03 Signing Authority Policy
Privacy and Information Management
PR-01 Privacy Policy Privacy Procedures
PR-02 Information Classification Policy


In accordance with its constitution, the purposes of the Capilano Students’ Union are:

  • to represent and advance the rights and interests of its members;
  • to advocate for a more accessible, high-quality post-secondary education;
  • to influence the development of sound educational policy;
  • to create opportunities and foundations for its members to be successful;
  • to provide experiences that complement its members’ academic pursuits;
  • to support its members through the delivery of student services;
  • to enhance the student experience; and
  • to build and strengthen our community relationships


Any student taking at least one course at Capilano University at any of the three Capilano University campuses is a member of the student union. This includes the Squamish and Sechelt campuses.
There are many different ways to get involved with your student union! Visit our collectives and committees pages or learn about joining a club or even starting your own.

Take some time to look through the various services we offer or attend an event or meeting.

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