We take health and safety seriously.

The Capilano Students’ Union prioritizes the safety and health of our people — that includes our student leaders, staff, volunteers, and all of our members (including you!). We have a number of health, safety, and emergency preparedness policies in place to support community safety, and we appreciate your support and cooperation in making our events and spaces a safe, healthy, and welcoming environment for everyone.


Violence is prohibited.

The Capilano Students’ Union does not tolerate violence at our events or in our spaces. Violent behaviour (including threats) will result in immediate removal from an event, space, or workplace, and we may take further action. If you witness or experience violence at a CSU event or in one of our spaces, contact 9-1-1 if you’re in imminent danger, and then report the incident to [email protected].

Bullying and harassment is prohibited.

Bullying and harassment means any conduct that a reasonable person would find intimidating or humiliating. Engaging in abusive behaviour toward student leaders, staff, volunteers, or other guests will result in immediate removal from an event, space, or workplace. If you witness or experience bullying or harassment at one of our events or student spaces, please report the incident to [email protected].

Follow our safety instructions.

CSU staff are trained to keep you safe at our events and in our student spaces, including ensuring that our events and spaces are smoke- and vape-free, preventing dangerous behaviour, and ensuring safe consumption of alcohol at licensed events. Please cooperate with the instructions of staff.

We're a scent-reduced workplace.

Some students, staff, and community members experience adverse health effects when exposed to chemically-scented products. In controlled, shared spaces like our offices and meeting rooms, we ask that guests and visitors avoid the use of chemically scented products to ensure a safe and healthy workplace for everyone. For more information on what this means, you can visit our scent-reduced spaces page.

Stay home if you're sick.

If you’re feeling unwell, please do not visit the CSU office, Member Services, our student lounges, or attend our events until you’re feeling well enough to resume your regular routine. Most of our member services can be accessed remotely, so just contact us for support. If you test positive for an illness such as COVID-19 and believe you may have exposed others at a CSU space or event, contact [email protected].

Report safety concerns or issues.

If you see something that could threaten the safety or health of students or other community members, including at Capilano Students’ Union events or student spaces, please let the nearest CSU official know or contact us to report your concerns at [email protected].


Illness Prevention Plan

Our strategies for reducing transmission

Our illness prevention plan sets out how we minimize the risk of exposure to communicable diseases (like COVID-19) for our student leaders, staff, volunteers, students, and the general public in our spaces and at our events. Access our illness prevention plan here.

COVID-19 Rapid Tests

Pick up your free rapid test kits

To pick up your free COVID-19 rapid antigen test kits, visit Member Services during business hours. (If you’re feeling unwell, please don’t come to campus — ask a classmate or friend to pick up your kits for you.)

  • Please stay home if you’re feeling unwell — you can contact us to access our member services remotely.

  • Please wash your hands regularly using soap and water, or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer as a back-up.

  • Please cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or sleeve when coughing or sneezing.

  • Our office spaces are cleaned regularly, and frequently-touched surfaces are cleaned several times a day.

  • Our heating, ventilation, and air circulation (HVAC) systems exceed WorkSafeBC’s standards for air changes per hour.

  • Our team members are required to complete daily health check questionnaires when working in person.