Student Union Membership Fee

The backbone of CSU funding — these funds are used to operate the CSU’s core services.


The member services desk at the CSU Library Lounge, university advocacy, elected student stipends, and most staff wages are among the services and activities funded by the student union membership fee. This central administration supports the services and programming that are funded out of all other CSU fees.

Students attending courses at the North Vancouver campus are assessed a flat fee of $47.18, plus $2.94 per credit (up to 10 credits).

Students attending courses at kálax-ay, the Sunshine Coast campus and off-campus/online students are assessed a flat fee of $18.87.

U-Pass BC Fee

The U-Pass BC program offers unlimited access to all transit zones under TransLink, including bus, SkyTrain, and SeaBus, at a heavily discounted cost.


The U-Pass is one of the CSU’s most popular initiatives, so much so that the most recent referendum on its continuation passed with over 84% of valid votes cast in favour. A transit pass equivalent to U-Pass would cost $177 per month — meaning U-Pass holders can save up to $538 per semester.

This fee is assessed at $44.20 per month starting May 1, 2022; $45.10 per month starting May 1, 2023; and $46.00 per month starting May 1, 2024.

Health & Dental Plan Fee

The health and dental plan gives students access to extended health benefits including prescription drug coverage, dental, vision, travel insurance, massage, and more.


The CSU health and dental plan includes dental, vision, prescription drug, travel insurance coverage, and over $2,500 for health practitioners (including psychologists, massage therapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, physiotherapists, speech therapists, and naturopaths). 

Full-time students enrolled in the fall are assessed this fee as a one-time charge of $260.42 for the full academic year. Full-time students commencing classes for the first time in the spring of any given academic year can opt-in for a prorated amount. Part-time students can opt in during the change-of-coverage period for a higher fee.

Equity & Sustainability Fee

The CSU helps create opportunities for visibility and representation, providing a voice for both traditionally marginalized groups and individual students who need assistance.


The equoty fee funds events such as Black History Month Cabaret and Pride Weekm and helps create space for equity-seeking groups. In addition, it funds individual advocacy support to guide students through the complex process of appealing university decisions. 

All students are assessed this fee at $0.87 per credit (up to 15 credits).

Clubs & Events Fee

Clubs and events help build culture on campus and beyond, giving students access to extracurricular activities for a well-rounded university experience.


The clubs and events fee help build community at CapU by funding student groups and large-scale events. Thanks to this funding, clubs have organized overnight surfing trips, sent delegations to Model United Nations in other regions, and created niche podcasts on campus.

All students are assessed this fee at $0.34 per credit (up to 15 credits).

Recreation and Intramurals Fee

Programming that promotes physical activity and mental wellness are essential to students’ holistic wellbeing during university.


This fee goes to recreation activities including the Rail Jam ski and snowboard competition as well as wellness programming such as dog therapy and free massage. 

Students attending courses at the North Vancouver campus and off-campus/online students are assessed this fee at $0.57 per credit (up to 15 credits).

External Advocacy Fee

Representing students’ interests to various levels of government is a key element of the CSU’s mandate. We work with partner organizations to influence policymakers on issues that affect students.


The CSU is a founding member of the Alliance of BC Students (ABCS), a provincial lobbying group comprised of student associations across BC. In 2020, the CSU and ABCS celebrated the announcement of non-repayable needs-based grants

All students are assessed this fee at $0.38 per credit (up to 15 credits).

Personal Electronics Repair Service Fee

Now more than ever, working technology is essential to being able to learn effectively. The CSU’s Device Doctor provides repairs for students’ personal devices with no charge for labour — just the cost of parts.


Students can access repair services and a variety of other types of technical support without being charged for labour, keeping electronics out of landfills and money in students’ bank accounts. The service can also be accessed remotely, including over the phone and using our pick-up and drop-off service. 

All students are assessed this fee at $0.63 per credit (up to 15 credits).

Student Union Building Fee

Student spaces help build relationships. They give students a place to participate in events, hang out with friends, eat their lunches, work on projects, relax, and access CSU services.


In addition to the CSU Library Lounge, CSU Maple Lounge, the Women’s Centre, and the Queer Resource Centre, the CSU is conducting student consultations on what to include in a newly built student union building, which may include general purpose lounges, quiet study space, bookable rooms, food and beverage options, and possibly a campus pub. 

Students attending courses at the North Vancouver campus are assessed this fee at $8.46 per credit (up to 15 credits).

Business and Professional Associations Fee

The Capilano Business & Professional Society and its associations host a variety of events on- and off-campus, including skill-building workshops, networking opportunities, and wellness programming.


The Capilano Business & Professional Society operates a variety of student associations related to business and professional studies, including accounting, communications, finance, legal studies, marketing, human resources, and international business. 

Students declared in the Faculty of Business & Professional Studies are assessed this fee at $2.22 per credit (up to 15 credits).

Please note, the University Act stipulates that students must continue to pay fees, even in the event that they resign membership.