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    Executive Committee

    Executive appointments can be booked online here.

    Emily Bridge

    Shanti Scarpetta-Lee
    Vice-President Equity & Sustainability

    Grace Dupasquier
    Vice-President External

    Gurleen Kaur
    Vice-President Finance & Services

    Zabir Montazar
    Vice-President Student Affairs

    Collective Coordinators and Liaisons

    June Reisner
    Accessibility Justice Coordinator

    Indigenous Students Liaison

    Abhijeet Deswal
    International Students Liaison

    Mayumi Izumi
    Mature & Parent Students Liaison

    Michaela Volpe
    Queer Students Liaison

    Feven Kidane
    Students of Colour Liaison

    Maia Lomelino
    Women Students Liaison

    Faculty, Campus, and At-Large Representatives

    Gurkirat (Kirat) Singh
    Arts & Sciences Representative

    Neerarshdeep Kaur
    Business & Professional Studies Representative

    Wen Zhai
    Education, Health, and Human Development Representative

    Alex Bergen
    Fine & Applied Arts Representative

    Global & Community Studies Representative

    Brigid Mychael
    Sunshine Coast Campus Representative

    Trevor Morten
    At-Large Representative

    Akira Yamagishi
    At-Large Representative

    Chan Cardin
    At-Large Representative

    Jaspreet Kaur
    At-Large Representative

    Senate and Board of Governors Representatives

    Rashmi Kamble
    Board of Governors Representative, Capilano University

    Oscar Blue
    Board of Governors Representative, Capilano University

    Alea Rzeplinski
    Senate Representative, Capilano University



    Christopher Girodat
    Executive Director

    Jessica De Gaust
    Executive Assistant
    604.986.1911 ext. 7359

    Resource Staff

    Lori Kosciuw
    Director, Advocacy

    John Morrison
    Director, Communications

    Kate Jarman
    Director, Policy & Campaigns (acting)
    604.986.1911 ext. 2010

    Ann Luo
    Director, Programs

    Asive Cebani
    Director, Student Associations (acting)

    Donna Cole (on leave)
    Director, Student Associations

    Craig Levido
    Director, Student Spaces (acting)

    Allan de Jesus
    Director, Technical Services

    Saulo Ferreira
    Financial Controller
    604.986.1911 ext. 2439

    Program Staff

    Prabhnoor Kaur
    Office Coordinator

    Kelsi Boroevich
    Recreation & Wellness Coordinator
    604.986.1911 ext. 3631

    Support Staff

    Jimena Camarena
    Administrative Assistant

    Mikaela Johnson
    Communications Assistant

    Gurleen Aujla
    Frontline Operations Assistant

    Member Services Assistant

    Argel Monte de Ramos
    Outreach Assistant

    Lais  Gomes
    Research Assistant

    Media, please email for interview requests.

    For general enquiries, phone 604.984.4969, email us, or visit the CSU Members Centre desk in Library 195.