CSU collectives represent self-identified members of various constituency groups at Capilano. They meet regularly to work on ways to benefit the students they represent , these activities include:

  • organizing events to help students build support and friendship in their community
  • executing campaigns to raise awareness of issues facing their group
  • facilitating discussions and seminars on important issues in the community
  • finding ways to break down stigma in the broader society
  • improving accessibility for students to resources, programs and events on and off campus



The queer students collective is comprised of Capilano University students who are queer, trans or allied with queer and trans causes and goals. The collective meets regularly to provide support, discuss relevant issues and organize events both on and off campus.


In the past, the queer students collective has hosted on and off campus socials, guest speakers, trans awareness week events, information tables in the cafeteria and open houses.

The collective is entirely inclusive and open to all students, although allies are not able to vote on proposed resolutions.


The collective has a regular meeting space and resource centre located in BR 313. While the campus is open, students can get the access code to the room by visiting the CSU’s member services desk in Library 195 or contacting the queer students liaison.

The space serves many useful purposes and is an ideal location for:

  • collective meetings
  • using the office space (computer)
  • relaxing (couches, coffee, tea)
  • quiet study
  • eating lunch (microwave and fridge)
  • checking out the events calendar
  • accessing the pamphlet station and information library
  • reading our collection of queer-themed books
  • free condoms, dental dams, and lube!


Queerphobia and Heterosexism at Capilano University

Unfortunately, discrimination based on gender identification and sexual orientation still exists on campus. For some the threat of being singled out hinders learning ability and emotional health as school space is rendered unsafe. Derogatory comments, the defacing of queer collective posters, the ambiguity around trans inclusiveness and acts of homophobia all contribute to an unhealthy environment for students. As discriminatory attitudes are often rooted in a lack of understanding or education about certain issues, the CSU endeavors to raise awareness for the purpose of creating a healthier environment. All students are encouraged to access the safe space and resources available in the Queer Resource Centre, the peer support group and the counseling department.

Positive Space

The Collectives’ Positive Space campaign looks to transform the whole campus into a positive space for all, a space where the 2SLGBTQQIA+ community and allies are accepted and safe. In doing so the collective is looking to raise awareness and increase the capability of students and staff to respond to heterosexism; to work in partnership with departments and offices on campus to provide academic, social and cultural support to Two-Spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, questioning, intersex, and asexual (2SLGBTQQIA+) students; and to assist those coming out and supply a forum for dialogue about gender & sexuality.


Raghav MittalQueer Students Liaison


Check the CSU calendar for collective meetings!