Vice-President Equity & Sustainability

Chandra, Jade
I understand how difficult it can be to recognize an issue and voice your concern. That’s why I will support you in effectively standing up for yourself against the system. I will actively listen to your voices, empathize with your pain, and amplify your stories. I will use my position to represent every type of student concern. We don’t have to be alone when figuring out this confusing, unfair, and unequal world. So, vote for me, because a vote for me is truly, a vote for yourself.

Gibson, MacKenzie
I’m running for VP of Equity and Sustainability because when I care, I do something about it. I’ve spent years advocating for the environment at town hall, protesting for equal rights, and canvassing for workers and students. It wasn’t my job, but it was my priority. I have a patient ear for everyone’s concerns, and the ability to take action for our communities. I will fight for Capilano to do better no matter what, but with your vote I can take your voice farther than any of us could alone.

Pourseyf, Bobby
Candidate did not submit a statement.

Accessibility Justice Coordinator

Greyell, Mike
My goal in obtaining this position will be to eliminate any barriers restricting students at Capilano from achieving a higher education. Based on my many months in GF Strong Recovery, along with many recovery hospitals and centres, I have learned that no two individuals struggle with the same obstacle. I will be reducing the stigma that brain injury survivors, are not mentally competent enough to stand up for what is right and just.

Students of Colour Liaison

Caldera, Shawn 
Candidate did not submit a statement.

Women Students Liaison

Leil, Negar 
As a women, as a Student , as an immigrant , as a sister, as a daughter, as LGBTQ2 and as a friend. We females are not seen enough, heard enough, represented enough, nor respected enough. I want to be your voice, your siren , the army behind you, the home you come to when you need help, and guidance. Whether you are female or male reading this , I need your help to create a better, easier life for your friend, sister, future mother and etc. So Help me , Help us , help you and help her. Thank you

At-Large Representative

Sasya, Lalita
It is an honor to serve as At-large Representative at Capilano Student’s Union. For the past 6 years, I’ve had the pleasure of serving as Vice President in student council and several different roles in many organizations. Here, I would like to contribute for the union in a way to better understand your concerns and perspectives.

Yokoyama, Itsuki 
I applied for this position to gain my experience in here, I would like to make good connection between CSU and students in Capu.

Capilano Business & Professional Society President

Sharda, Ishita
I’m a 2nd year BBA student & CBPS Acting President; I’ve worked with myriad people in CSU/CBPS, gained experience with budgets, new hires and forming CBPS Council. I want to continue this journey as the CBPS President, bring meaningful change for students, collaborate with faculty for professional development opportunities, support the CBPS Leaders, work as a liaison between CSU and CBPS and oversee succession plans for the Council to benefit the current and incoming generation of students

Capilano Finance Association President

Xiong, David
Candidate did not submit a statement.

Capilano Human Resources Management Association President

Vu, Dahlia
Candidate did not submit a statement.

Capilano Marketing Association President

Ha, Linh
I have been an official member of Capilano University Marketing Association for more than one year. I have a well knowledge about CAPUMA and how things are running inside the association. I have been in charged of hiring process, launching events and managing the association. Being a president of CAPUMA, I want to create a good environment for my members to grow, learn about marketing, gain skill and have fun memories during uni life and let CapU students know more about marketing.