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Join us for a hike and lunch on Bowen Island!

The CSU presents to our members (student card required) a whole day experience on Bowen Island. Registration required.

Come to Bowen Island for some physical activity and lunch to celebrate.

7 hour day trip experience for $15. Only 14 spots available!

*A $25 refundable deposit will be required to save your spot as capacity is limited. If cancellation is required, at least 48 hour notice must be given to be eligible for the refund.

See another beautiful area of BC’s Howe Sound, enjoying the scenic ferry ride over, a leisurley 2 hour hike to Killarney Lake, and some lunch as a group before going home at the end of the day.

We will meet at Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal at 9:15AM to ferry over, and will be back at Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal by 4:30PM. Please note this is NOT an overnight trip.

Please wear appropriate footwear for a 2 hour long hike, and dress for the weather. You may bring snacks to eat along the hike.